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I have known Seth personally and professionally for many years, and have worked with him most recently in perfecting copyrights and trademarks for a mutual start up business client. He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas he practices - corporate law and governance, copyright and trademark law. He takes the time to know his clients, understand their needs, and deliver on time and on budget superior legal work. Seth is also very personable, and takes the time to explain to his clients exactly what is going on without legalese. I would not hesitate to recommend Seth as a top rate attorney.

- Angela B Kosar, Esq.  

I've had the privilege of working with Seth professionally since 2009, and throughout this time I have noticed that Seth has superb attention to detail, a clear understanding of the law, and -- most importantly -- a moral center that lets him do the right thing. Whether it is an event planning venture, a government I.T. contractor, or a media venture, I can trust Seth as an honest broker who can clearly delineate the landscape and explain the consequences, benefits and costs of each course of action. Seth's understanding of contractual nuance is only balanced by his "bedside manner" -- he has an ability to deal with idiosyncratic personalities and demanding roles. .

- Mike Farahbakhshian   

I've known Seth for years, but never realized how solid his law skills were until we hired him. As an attorney his own personal experience working in sound engineering, sound design, composition, and playing in bands seems to enhance his sense of empathy and understanding for the plight of the artist seeking legal counsel. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to lock down their legal exterior, particularly in the field of music.

- Bradley Barkett